May 30th, 2012


Иностранная военная база в Ульяновске в презентации Макфола

В макфоловом ЖЖ висит ссылка.

Смотрим. Презентация, слайд 20:

Afghan Transit and Northern Distribution Network (NDN)
Презентация, слайд 20:

– Afghan Transit
• Up to 4,300 U.S. flights annually
– 2180 U.S. over-flights as of May 8, 2012
– 369,104 U.S. personnel and troops transited Russia
• Russia considers offering air base to U.S. to aid in combating terrorism
• Expanded ground and rail transit through Russia, including reverse transit.
47,711 containers delivered of lethal and non-lethal equipment
– 53% of sustainment cargo goes through the NDN
– 75% of supplies transiting NDN go through Russia
– Over 50,000 containers shipped across Russia

p.s. Это скорее в копилку naganoff
p.p.s. Примечательно, как быстро туда набежало едроботов. И ночью работают, несут вахту. :)