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You cannot save capitalism by destroying it.

Майк Шедлок в своем блоге Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis провел параллель между Планом Обамы, Полсона, бэйлаутами и "Логикой Бен Тре":
One of the most famous quotes of the Vietnam War was a statement attributed to an unnamed U.S. Air Force Major by AP correspondent Peter Arnett. Writing about the provincial capital, Ben Tre, on February 7, 1968, Arnett said: "'it became necessary to destroy the town to save it,' a U.S. major says."
Охранительные публицисты небось локти покусают, ведь малознакомый с российскими реалиями Майк опередил их в нахожднии некоторых "заслуг", которые ранее не акцентировались.. :)
Banks who were prudent and foresaw the collapse are waiting in the wings to take over already. Why should they be forced to compete with state-owned zombies? The argument that we cannot afford to let the big banks fail is nonsense. In Russia in 1998, 95% of all banks failed. What happened afterwards? A big economic boom.

When Russia had the opportunity to start with a clean slate , things quickly came right again. Of course, the Russian government also instituted a 13% flat tax, an important contributor to the economy's rebirth.
Лизеры, быстро побежали прославлять 13% налог, с ним спасемся! :)

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