HerShadow (her_shadow) wrote,

Кошерное вываливается из ленты Блумберга

Nearly one-third of Russia's banks aren't prepared for a repeat of the global financial crisis of 2008, the central bank concluded based on stress tests of the sector, daily Vedomosti reported online Tuesday.

Of the more than 900 lenders in Russia, 321 would see capital reserves fall below the 10% required minimum in the event of similar tumult today, the central bank disclosed in its annual report on the industry. Those 321 banks hold slightly more than half of all assets in the Russian banking sector.

The recent stress tests assumed the withdrawal of 10% to 20% of individual depositors' money, as happened in October 2008. An equal loss of corporate accounts, resulting in a 5% to 10% reduction in corporate deposits, was also figured. Under these conditions, loans to Russia-based banks from non-resident ones fall by almost a third, the stock market plunges to half its value and the ruble loses 20%.

И эти люди хотят от меня "опыт кредитования". Да блин, хорошо же что у меня его нет! :-) Потенциально ценный кадр.

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