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Cyprus has agreed to allow money-laundering auditors into its banks

Ужас как он есть от Врагов России: Кипру так предложили запустить аудиторов относительно отмывки грязных денег в банки, что он согласился.

BRUSSELS--Cyprus has agreed to allow money-laundering auditors into its banks in
a crucial step toward securing a bailout, the Dutch finance minister and
Eurogroup chief, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, said Monday.

  The audit, which will aim to resolve concerns that the country is a
dirty-cash haven, will be conducted by an "independent" actor, Mr. Dijsselbloem

  European Commissioner for economics and monetary affairs Olli Rehn
clarified that a private-sector and an international organization would work
alongside to conduct the audit.

  Mr. Dijsselbloem, who was speaking at a press conference following a
meeting of euro-zone finance ministers, refused to rule out that unsecured
depositors in Cyprus might face a bail-in. He said all elements of the bailout
were still open and "Any question … will have to be answered ... as soon as the
international institutions come back" from a visit to Nicosia. But he noted he
was confident a bailout deal could be reached on a "political level" by

  Ministers also discussed a request by Ireland and Portugal for more
time to repay their bailouts. Mr. Dijsselbloem said extending the maturity of
part of the loans that came from the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism,
would be put to the finance ministers of all 27 EU countries, who are convening
in Brussels Tuesday.

  Mr. Rehn said a decision on that was expected mid-April, at an
informal meeting that is due to be held in Dublin.

Tags: Преступность, Экономика

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