HerShadow (her_shadow) wrote,

Универсальная рецензия

Встретилась в описании "приёма" трёш-угара Анди Ворхолла:

Roger Ebert reviewed the film in June 1967, and had a negative response to it, granting it one star out of four. In his review of the film, he stated "...what we have here is 3½ hours of split-screen improvisation poorly photographed, hardly edited at all, employing perversion and sensation like chili sauce to disguise the aroma of the meal. Warhol has nothing to say and no technique to say it with. He simply wants to make movies, and he does: hours and hours of them."[4]
Можно применять к почти любому русскоязычному фильму, за исключением русских :)
Tags: Кино

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