HerShadow (her_shadow) wrote,

Уси в гривню!

Надо подарить текст бойцам интернет-сотен майдану :)
Из текста Danske Bank по "развивающимся рынкам" в 2016:

We recommend looking for energy-importing emerging markets with large export shares to the US and which have seen a large FX adjustment, such as Asian, some Latin American and Eastern European countries. India is certainly a country that meets the criteria but Mexico and Turkey also look promising.

Как видно, сердце Европы удовлетворяет двум из трёх критериев.
Хотя этот абзац им, конечно, придётся вырезать:

Although we believe commodity producing countries will be under a lot of pressure, we may see a turning point in some of the countries that have allowed large upfront exchange rate adjustments, such as Russia.
Tags: Экономика

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