HerShadow (her_shadow) wrote,

И тащил за собой парашют

Оказывается, анекдоты про Штирлица и ушанку имели вполне реальные прототипы:
Von Janowski showed up at the New Carlisle Hotel at 06:30 asking for a room with a bath. The son of the hotel manager, Earle Annett Jr., noticed that the stranger seemed preoccupied and quickly noticed some inconsistencies in his story. The man said he took the bus that morning before walking to the hotel, but the bus was not going through New Carlisle that day, and even if it had, it would have dropped him off at the hotel. Annett also noticed that he spoke English with a Parisian accent, his clothing had European styling, and that he paid for his cigarettes with an obsolete Canadian dollar bill that had not been in circulation for quite some time. The stranger also had a strange smell on him (не мылся полтора месяца на подводной лодке и прованивался там же соляркой, - h.s.); he was using Belgian matches that did not carry the Canadian government seal that was applied to matchbooks at the time.
Tags: идиотизм

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