HerShadow (her_shadow) wrote,

Спасибо тебе дорогой олимпийский комитет!

За экономию народного бабла.
Хорошо, но мало. Принимайте более "широкие" решения. :)

p.s. Интересная история, но описание пока не встречалось:

Perhaps the most-bizarre political story of 2017 -- and that's saying a lot -- was the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri.
He made a surprise Friday night trip to Saudi Arabia, promptly resigned, went quiet and weeks later returned to Lebanon.
Now he says he doesn't want to resign at all.

В комментариях отмечают двоякое:
1) he is a saudi citizen to and close friend to macron and before him chirak ....he is against radical islam and lebanon need this ... michel awn our president played it right .... and macron did the job
2) Simple. He was summoned to KSA and was forced to resign while held hostage until Lebanon threatened to take his issue to the UN council and was freed after USA and France put pressure on MBS to release him.
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